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12Years of missing you Jimmy ❤️  / Mom
As I sit here and thinking about the last 12 years my eyes are filled with tears. They that time heals ,but it can never mend a Broken heart 💔 Yes I laugh and have fun ,but at the end of the day I always say life is so unfair and My Jimmy should be here. So much has changed and just last week a friend of yours passed away Sean Powell and when I saw his age I stop and think no that’s not Jimmy’s friend ,my son is only 20. When your cousin and friend get married I say ,so young.I come to realize you will always be 20 or forever young. My Heart is heavy tonight 12 years ago part of it died with you. I’m so sorrybI wasn’t able to visit 118 on your anniversary or even take a flower to the cemetery.You know I'm in New York with Jerry and I will light a candle at St Patrick ‘s for you. Someday I will hold you in my arms again and never let go. I love you Jimmy and miss you more. Forever in my heart ❤️ Wait for me my son I Love You ❤️💕😘
10 Years of Living this hell..Always the Why ???  / Mom
Every day since I lost U Jimmy I wake up with the knowledge…someone is missing I go through my day and in the back of my mind I hear a whisper…someone is missing I sit down to dinner with my family and in the back of my mind I hear a whisper…someone is missing I wake up and think… there should be a birthday to celebrate today a event to attend , and I hear clearly…Someone Is Missing I wake up and think… this is the day my whole world changed and I hear clearly…Someone Is Missing I wake up and the holiday season is here and I hear loudly…SOMEONE Is Missing. I try to get into the holiday spirit and I hear a whisper…someone is missing I gather with family to celebrate the holiday season and I look around the room and inside my head I hear screaming…SOMEONE IS MISSING!! Please understand I enjoy spending time with family but this voice that I hear squeezes my heart… I love each and every one of you but please understand…Someone is missing! In Loving Memory of my Son Jimmy.XOXOX Forever with me Loving You Always Mom
Happy 30th Birthday Jimmy  / Mom

If I could send a birthday card to Heaven,
it would have the most amazing butterflies.
And the words that say “I love you now and always”,
with hugs and kisses in between the lines.

If I could send a birthday card to Heaven,
I would write down all the thank you’s never said.
And tell you just how precious you have been to me,
and how I have admired the life you led.

If I could send a birthday card to Heaven,
I would say that I was blessed that you were mine.
And apologize for all the grief I gave to you,
how I wish that I could see you one more time.

If I could send a birthday card to Heaven,
I would write down that I miss you being here.
I would say I know you love your new forever,
and I’ll see you when forever brings me near.

If I could send a birthday card to Heaven,
I would say you are the best I could have had. 

Thanks for all the great memories Jimmy

Your memory will forever live on with every breath I take..I Love You my son>>

Happy Birthday



9 years of Missing My Jimmy  / Mom

Who would ever imagine life without their child, without the love of their life. Here I am, nine years later without my child, without the love of my life. Jimmy, you are in my every thought, my every heartbeat, with every breath I take. To think that I've survived nine years without you is unbelievable. To think that I will have to spend the rest of my life without you is overwhelming and often unbearable. To live without such a big part of my being is a moment to moment existence. I think, what could I have done to have prevented this from happening? Over the years I realize there was nothing I could have done, that it was your time to go. God wanted you. It makes me angry, it makes me sad and all I can do is survive until I get to see you again. I love you and miss you so very very much. Stay close, it brings me some peace when I can feel your presence and when you visit me in my dreams. You have my heart Jimmy

A Son Leaves A Trail of Memories
A little mud tracked in...
some grass stains on his knees...
his handprints
on the walls and windows-
well-worn memories.
Some pictures that he drew
way back when he was small..
the marks that measured
years and growth spurts
climbing up the wall.
A few small dents and dings
from "accidents" remain..
each tells its rale,
but no one here
is likely to complain.
Those boyhood souvenirs
together play a part
in how a son
can leave his mark
so clearly on the heart.
Ever since that first tiny footprint,
Jimmy, you've made your mark
on this family in so many ways.
Thanks for all the great memories
I'm glad we had the times together just to laugh and sing a song, seems like we just got started and then before you know it, the times we had together were gone:

Forever In My Heart

  Love You


New Years Eve 2015  / Mom


As we raise our glasses to welcome the New year

Let us remember Our Loved ones no longer here

For the years may come and the years may go

But we will always Love and miss them so

We ask the Lord to bless them and keep them in his care

Keep them safe in Heaven until we join them there

So lets send Our New Year wishes and All Our love

Up to Our beautiful Angels on high in Heaven above

♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤

As I close my eyes tonight my only wish is for a visit from My Jimmy.

Just to see your face and hear your voice, Just I Love U Mom is all

I ever want.Life goes on but the pain in my heart is always there.

I Love You My Sweet Son

Kiss Kiss Hug Hug


Christmas 2014  / Mom /.

My Jimmy

Another year has come & gone, another year filled with what-if's and wishes that will never come true. But, I know that you are watching over our family, and I ask that you continue to help us all through our struggles. You had a new niece born this year and it will be her First Christmas, I close my eyes and I see the joy in your face when I look at our Lucy. I put a tree up this year the first time in the 9 yrs since you left and I think you would be so proud of me. But then I feel bad that I’m moving on a little bit more, please know every day I wake and the first thing I think about is my Jimmy, I will never understand or move on, I will always have you in my heart . Give us a sign that you are around and are praying for our strength with so many issues that just seem to continue. I miss your voice Jimmy, your laughter, your funny faces, your hugs and kisses, but most of all I miss my son, My Jimmy. Pray for us here on earth, and please help us to understand WHY.

Until we meet again...

8 Years of Missing My Jimmy  / Mom


It is hard to believe that it has been 8 years.You are still so deep in my thoughts and memories,I can promise you that for eternity you are in my heart you will aways exist.


When tomorrow starts without me
And I’m not here to see
If the sun should rise and find your eyes
All filled with tears for me

I wish you wouldn’t cry
The Way you did today
While thinking of the many things
We did not get to say

I know how much you love me
As much as I love you
Each time that you think of me
I know you will miss me too

When tomorrow starts with out me
Please try to understand
That an angel came and called my name
And took me by the hand

The angel said my place was ready
In heaven far above
And That I would have to leave behind
All those I Dearly Love

So When Tomorrow starts without me
Do not think we’re apart
For every time you think of me
Remember I’m right here in your heart

I love you my sweet boy ,miss you more



7 yrs of Missing My Jimmy  / Mom

Once upon a time
a beautiful little boy was born to me,
Jimmy brought so much joy and love
till his death.

My heart remains so heavy
since that day when My Jimmy died,
I know it’s weighted with more tears
that I have yet to cry.

Outwardly, I’m moving along;
you say, “that’s good to see”.
But you don’t know about the quiet times
when I’m alone with just his memoires

I think about Jimmy dieing
how I’ll never be the same
Sorrow is a part of my life,
it enters daily as I whisper his name.

Oh yes, I smile, I laugh,
and I go about my work each day
As I carry on with my life

I know in my heart I will see Jimmy again.
But that could be a very long time
I want so bad to see his smile and touch his face
Hear the word I love you Mom
Always the WHY always the tears
7 years is a life time to be without my son

I Love You Jimmy and wait for you in my dreams;

Until than I hold you forever in my heart and fill my live with beauiful memories of a special son

Forever In My Heart


My Precious Jimmy...6 Long Yrs are gone  / Mom

I walked away that morning, without a backward glance,
I didn't know that moment was going to be our last.
The last time I would hold you or see your lovely face,
the last time I would kiss you and feel your strong embrace.

So solid and so real, so vibrant and alive,
a happy face with twinkling eyes, my fine son, my child.
My only son, my Jimmy, the apple of my eye,
Taken from me so fast, I never said goodbye.

The shattered remnant of my heart is strangely beating still,
with holes so black no light could ever fill.
I don't know how I face each day without my Jimmy
Gone is all the happiness, the love of life, the joy.

The years stretch on before me, so bleak and dark and long,
I pray you walk beside me, Jimmy and help to keep me strong.
And when my life is over, come to me on that day,
and smile at me and hold me tight and carry me away.

To My Precious Jimmy,
It was so hard for me when I lost you But I know now that you are in God's arms, And that
God sent you back to me in sprit , you told me you were happy . I know that I will see you again one day in HEAVEN. Sometime I think often of the good time that we had. And the thing you taught me about loving, you will always be in my thought, hearts, and mind. And I thank God that he gave me 20 WONDERFUL years to share with you. There not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. Sometimes I set and cry and then there other days that I set and laugh when I think of the thing you use to say and the little things you use to do. You’re an angel on high waiting for us to join you someday


6 yrs ago since My Jimmy  / Mom

It's been 6 years since you left the ones you love.
It's been 6 years that you've been looking down on us from up above.
It's been 6 years of constant reminder that you're not here.
It's been 6 years of memories, sorrow and fear.
It's been 6 years since that horrible day.
It's been 6 years from when you walked into the light.
It's been 6 years where I had to be strong
It's been 6 years of unspoken words I need to say.
It's been 6 years since I had to say goodbye.
Where is the good in goodbye when all I do is cry?
It's been 6 years that has changed all my days.
It's been 6 years, and I've grown strong in so many ways.
It's been 6 years where I know you're in a better place.
It's been 6 years, and I still haven't forgotten your face.
It's been 6 years of just imagining what it's like up there.
It's been 6 years since he took you, it just seems so unfair.
It's been 6 years, but I know you're doing alright.
It's been 6 years of only seeing you in my dreams at night.
It's been 6 years, and I want you to know that I love you,

Jimmy I miss you , my hearts is sore,
As time goes by I miss you more,
Your loving smile, your gentle face,
No one can fill your vacant place.

Love You Always & Forever


Another Chritmas without My Jimmy 6 yrs  / Mom

Nature’s Rainbows

We held them in our arms for days or weeks or years.
Now we hold them in our hearts and cry the darkest tears.

The cord attached to children, eternally fine and strong.
We never leave the missing; it holds us all life long.

Our children now inside us, our souls tattooed with gold.
Their love, their words, caresses, are hugs that we still hold.

If we open to the knowledge, that they aren’t completely gone,
We will sometimes feel their touching, sometimes soft and sometimes strong.

When they show us nature’s rainbows, we can feel their proud delight,
Sending signs to show they’re living, only far beyond our sight.

Jimmy My Son

This is our 6ht Christmas without you and I just try to go back to our last one together, I see your smile and I hear your voice, so excited about everything from who is coming to dinner and eating all your favorite foods..I was just packing up some of your stuff for the move and the light you wanted for your dorm still seats in the box, still not used. I look at the pictures of you that year and I see what a beauitful young man you where becoming. You toke such pride in all you did, I really try to move on but my heart won't let me.Missing my baby and knowing that tomorrow when I wake up my life is still so empty without you. Some how I tell myself that you are ok and that your heart is whole, as they say you know no pain and that the love of God is so great.One thing that I wait for and tell everyone don;t cry for me when I die because I will be with my son again,

If you can hear my words from my heart I wish you a very Merry Christmas, take a peak at your Christmas Tree decorted with all your favorite thing and lighting up the sky just for you to see.

All I want for Christmas is you, but that I can't have so a little visit in my dreams would be great ..I Love You Jimmy

Forever & Always Until we are together again, I Will Love You


Always a Tear  / Mom

Terrified Tears
(Author unknown)

The face of an Angel is all that is here
One beautiful dimples equals one terrified tear.
Not ready to leave but has to go.
Wants to go back but God says no.
Leaving your life is a scary thought
I guess it's something
that can't be fought
A Mother a father siblings and friends
A meaningful life that suddenly ends.
An angel is what Jimmy was meant to be.
Now just think of all he can see.
Looking over his family night and day
Saying I love you in Jimmy special way.
In the night we sleep in the day we cry
Jimmy watches us all from his star in the sky.

Love you Jimmy Always


He Is Not Gone
(author unknown)

He is not gone I look at his photos
And have to smile
Can I tell you about him
For a little while?
First thought of the morning
Last of the day
I’d wonder about
What pranks he’d play!
A Rogue whose humor
Forgave the sin
A joyful clown
With an impish grin
A grownup boy
A people lover
Sought by his friends
Adored by his mother
Jimmy stays within
He breathes in and out
With us as one
Let’s speak of Jimmy
And laugh a while
Jimmy here with us
Can you see his smile

Jimmy when I think of you, I always smile, last night laying in bed I was thinking about your short life and how much love you give to everyone. I think of all the birthdays you have missed and what you would look like today, I know oh soooo handsome.

But for me life is just hard , tears fall all the time and for very bit of joy there is just a broken heart. I feel I would be so much better off if only I could be with you, you always needed me . I wonder how you are doing without me,you where never that independence, but I guess life is just not fair.

How do I keep going on:

How do I live
Survive the rainy days
and cold winds
Without you Jimmy?

How do I laugh
Sleep through the night (I don't)
Wake up
Again and again
Without you?

How do I
Go on
And on
Without you Jimmy

How could you
Without giving me
One last chance
Of life
With you :

Happy Birthday My Son

Love you Forever Jimmy

Happy 26th Birthday Jimmy  / Mom

Happiness Denied
(author unknown)

The times I didn’t sleep until
I heard you come through the door
I listen now but realise
You’ll come through the door no more

I worried for you oh so much
As mothers often do
No worries now just heartache
Because I’m missing you

I’m tired and so very lonely
I’m numb with grief and pain
Will I ever feel well again?
Will I ever feel sane?

The “madness” comes in waves you see
Despair is hard to bear
I lost my dearest precious Jimmy
And no one seems to care

I’m sure they do but life goes on
It’s just another sorrow
For someone else but not for them
They’ll be OK tomorrow!

For me tomorrow will not come
It will always be “today”
The day I heard that you had died
The day you went away

I live the moment every day
And many tears I’ve cried
For I knew then true happiness
Forever would be denied :

February 6, 2011 5 years since you left us  / Mom

Jimmy has been away from us for five years. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday while feeling like eternity at the same time. We miss him dearly and wish every day for one more chance to see his smile hear his voice hug him closely and tell him just how much we love you Jimmy. There is a void where you where in all of our lives and we are left with just our memories to try and fill that devastating hole.
I yearn to see Jimmy thick brown hair and walk up behind him like I'd done so many times before run my fingers through his hair & announce to him that he is in need of a haircut. And to watch in amazement as his hair would grow back nearly as fast as it was cut off! I did that just hours before his accident held his head in my lap and ran my fingers thru his hair As I set here today I sometimes can still feel and smell his hair If I close my eye I see that handsome face smiling at me telling me Hey Mom I’m ok I’m right next to you.
I miss having his friends coming over hanging out being boys. Playing video games laughing .Watching how intensely they got into the video games watching football. I miss the sound of a horn blowing and some of friends picking him up to go and have some fun. I miss cooking for him; he could eat you out of house and home and always would say My Mom the best cook in the world. I miss him going to bed at night and yelling in my room hey Mom good night I Love you and I would yell back Love you too kiss kiss hug hug.
One of my favorite things about Jimmy was that he always let me hug and kiss him. Even in front of his friends! He was never disrespectful to me and always let me know he cared; he never acted as though he was embarrassed. I was his mom I loved him and he knew I needed to hug him. So he let me. As a parent that was the greatest gift. I remember one day I asked him if I embarrassed him and he said he would tell his friends they should always kiss their Mom good-bye such a great kid.
Whenever he noticed that I was sad or nervous he would always know the right things to say. He was growing into such a fine young man. His toke care of his sister and his friends. Jimmy would always tell me when he got married he was going to build a big house (he even had his blueprints) and that I was going to live with him it was going to be his turn to take care of me because I toke such good care of him. Then I think if I toke such good care of him why did he die Why did I let him go back that day Why didn’t I say no the weather wasn’t that great If I was such a good Mom Why did I let my baby go WHY
When your child is dead there is no hope for a cure. No hope for a miracle no hope that they will recover. There is no hope. That is the difference. As a bereaved parent we have lost our hope. And that is what makes the yearning so difficult to handle. Because you know there is no hope in ever seeing your child alive again. And so you yearn. And the yearning becomes stronger each day and eventually becomes overwhelming. Yet you go on -- especially if you have other children because loving a child who is already alive is such a gift. So you put the yearning for your dead child into your back pocket and carry it with you. You tuck your tears away and keep them for the time you are alone. Alone sitting and taking to your son wishing for more tomorrow but at the same time holding on to all the yesterdays. Twenty wonderful years of memories of a beautiful young soul that was taken from me on February 6th 2006 the worst day of my life.
Temporarily out of sight but never out of mind Jimmy
I love & miss you more than life Jimmy


Hapyy New Years My Son  / Mom

Forever Changed

Can you see the change in me?
It may not be so obvious to you
I participate in family activities.
I attend family reunions..
I help plan holiday meals.
You tell me you're glad to see
that I don't cry anymore.
But I do cry!
When everyone has gone
- when it is safe-
the tears fall.
I cry in privacy so my family won't worry.
I cry until I am exhausted
and can finally sleep.
You tell me you admire my strength
and my positive attitude.
But I am not strong
I feel that I have lost control;
and I panic
when I think about tomorrow....
next week....
next year.
I go about the routine of my job.
I complete my assigned tasks.
I drink coffee and smile.
You tell me you are glad to see I'm "over"
the death of my loved one.
But I'm not "over" it.
If I were to get over it
I would be the same as
before my loved one died.
I will never be the same.

At times I think
I am beginning to heal
but the pain of losing someone
I loved so much
has left a permanent scar on my heart.
I visit my neighbors.
You tell me that you're glad
to see I'm holding up so well.
But I'm not holding up well.
Sometimes I want to lock the
door and hide from the world.
I spend time with my friends
I seem calm and collected.
I smile when appropriate.
You tell me
it's good to see me
back to my "old self"
But I will never be back to my "old self".
Death and grief have touched my life....
and I am changed forever.

Jimmy has been away from us for five years. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday while feeling like eternity at the same time. We miss him dearly and wish every day for one more chance to see your smile hear your voice hug you closely and tell you just how much we love you Jimmy. There is a void where you where in all of our lives and we are left with just our memories to try and fill that devastating hole. Happy New Years my sweet son Mommy will always miss you. Just the start to another year without you breaks my heart I never will believe you are gone I still have hope of seeing you walk in the house yelling hey Mom I’m home.

Christmas Joys and Christmas Tears 2010  / Gloria Colosimo (Friend)


Christmas Joys - they mean family ,friends, peace ,love and contentment for those who HAVEN'T lost a son brother grandson nephew and cousin WAY OH WAY TOO SOON.

Christmas Joys are not quite as joyful when a family has lost such a person as you.  Of course each one still experiences their life day by day - great things happen happy things happen but pure true and honest  joy ...... I don't think so. 

Instead of that joy there is a gift that you left us with when you passed - a gift we learn to accept and grow from. How each day cannot be taken for granted with family friends and loved ones. To notice if someone needs a call a hand a favor a hug a kiss a look - give it without hesitating. We will ALWAYS feel your presence IF WE DO.

This gift that was given from you to your loved ones so we can never make the mistake of assuming we will all have enough time to let loved ones know how important they are or could be in our everyday lives. You have given second chances to soooo many people who didn't realize they needed second chances.  Who doesn't though?  We all need a blessing of a second chance with family or friends. Who doesn't take people for granted at one point or another?? It is the gift of LEARNING we shouldn't do that -  that is wonderful!  As you are wonderful! WE ALL NEED TO HAVE SHORT MEMORIES FOR GRIEVANCES AND LONG MEMORIES FOR FORGIVENESS. I need to feel there has to be a bigger and more powerful lesson when such painful and unthinkable things happen to any of us.  You never hung onto grievances or hurt no matter who or what caused you pain. You always still loved no matter what. All of us shoud honor that message from you. We should all emulate how you loved forgave and smiled. I'm sure you hid a lot of pain in your heart. that makes me sad but you made a lasting impression on anyone who crossed your path.

I have thought and said many times since your passing to heaven how you have given me back the reality of this "life does not go on forever" - relationships matter more deeply - time is a gift - second to second.  The other gift was that I'm no longer fearful of passing - one by one as my family members pass and having you pass long before anyone wanted or thought was  possible - I can actually live my life fuller easier and without the anxiety and fearfulness I used to.  So as Christmas 2010 comes I want to let you know how much you mean to us.

I would give anything if you could be back with your family and friends - material things are not important - what we have what  we wear where we go who we see.....all of it is so small in comparison to you not being able to be with your family here. I truly believe though you are with them without being seen.

Show them somehow - someway that your there this Christmas. Let that pain in their hearts and souls disappear for even a minute. Your their angel forever - their beautiful boy angel - with a golden heart and smile.....Merry Christmas our Jimmy.


Love as always




Our 5th Thanksgiving Without You Jimmy  / Mom

Jimmy so much is going on down here sure wishes you were here. Thanksgiving was nice at Aunt Maureen & Uncle John’s. I give so much thanks for at least having you for 20 short years. You brought so much joy to the whole family and I know in my heart everyone misses you. Our little Abby turned 21 this week something you never got to do Dina, Mike, Dominica, Uncle Brian & Alex all partied with her. Such a special day one I know you couldn't wait to reach. Now 3 of your cousins are having babies next year and the family keeps grown and it’s so very hard to see everyone going on with their lives and you’re not here never to be married ,never to be a father, uncle or brother in law never to grow old.Life for me is such a roller coaster and all I want is to jump off and rest in heaven with you. I welcome dead as I know we will be together again .
I miss you just as much as I did the 1st day you went to heaven...but knowing it is so beautiful and peaceful there gives me much peace down here. Love you forever Jimmy until I can be with you again .This is your 5th Thanksgiving in heaven you would think that it would be a little easier but I know how cover my tears and tuck my broken heart away for the day and than at night my heart just breaks open so sorry you have to listen to my tears and anger. You where my baby boy and will always be that special little boy with a big smile and a open heart. Loving you was and is so easy Jimmy.Be strong and I’ll see you soon my son.

Boys of Fall (Thinking of U Playing Football Jimmy  / Mom

When I feel that chill and smell that wet cut grass
I'm back in my helmet cleats and shoulder pads
Standin in the huddle listenin to the call
Fans going crazy for the boys of fall

They didn't let just anybody in that club
Took every ounce of heart and sweat and blood
To get to wear those game day jerseys down the hall
King of the school man we're the boys of fall

Well it's turnin' to face the stars and stripes
It's fighting back them butterflies
It's call it in the air alright yes sir we want the ball
And it's knockin heads and talkin trash
It's slinging mud and dirt and grass
It's I got your number I got your back
When your backs against the wall
You mess with one man you got us all
The Boys of Fall

In little towns like mine it's all they got
Newspapers clippings fill the coffee shops
The old men will always think they know it all
Young girls will dream of The Boys of Fall

Well it's turnin' to face the stars and stripes
It's fighting back them butterflies
It's call it in the air alright yes sir we want the ball
And it's knockin heads and talkin trash
It's slinging mud and dirt and grass
It's I got your number I got your back
When your backs against the wall
You mess with one man you got us all
The Boys of Fall

Well it's turnin' to face the stars and stripes
It's fighting back them butterflies
It's call it in the air alright yes sir we want the ball
And it's knockin heads and talkin trash
It's slinging mud and dirt and grass
It's I got your number I got your back
When your backs against the wall
You mess with one man you got us all
The Boys of Fall

The boys of fall
(The boys of fall the boys of fall..)
We're the boys of fall

What a smile such a joy I Love You Jimmy Always

Just got this in a email & I thought of You Jimmy  / Mom

An exasperated mother whose son was always
Getting into mischieffinally asked him “How do you
Expect to get into Heaven?” The boy thought it
Over and said “Well I’ll run in and out and in and out
And keep slamming the door until St Peter says.
“For Heaven’s sake Jimmy come in or stay out”

I wonder if thats how it is..

Miss you Jimmy

Kiss Kiss Hug Hug Always



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